Monday, January 17, 2011

Twin Cities Wedding Planning

Passion before Profit

{Hiring Wedding Professionals}

Getting married is exciting! Gathering information about vendors from friends, wedding fairs, magazines and the internet is a lot of fun You want the amazing dress, flowers, photos, cake…well, everything. But the tendency is focus on price.

Certainly you should be concerned about costs as it pertains to your budget. But cost is only a part of choosing a wedding professional. Passion for their job and weddings is what brings you value.

Of course your wedding professionals want to make a living in their profession. However passionate professionals love weddings and are honored to be a part of your wedding experience. They understand that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, that can’t be recreated or redone.

We have seen {too many times} wedding professionals whose true focus in the price and timeline. The photographer who’s schedule rules, not the events of the night and the great shots they could be getting; the DJ who only wants to play what they like, and not worried if the guests are having fun; the florist whose own ideas overrule the bride’s.

When researching your wedding professionals take the extra step to meet them in person, hear their story, find out why they do what they do. Really pay attention to how they listen to your story and desires as well. This face-to-face meeting will definitely give you insight into their passion for their job and their desire to make your day unforgettable.

A great way to find all of your vendors is to start with one you trust and really understands you and your wedding. Then ask them who they recommend. There isn’t any advertising more valuable than a referral. And because the person giving you the recommendation is concerned about their reputation, the will only refer you to those they trust the most.

Hiring a passionate wedding planner before any decisions are made is the easiest way to cut through the long lists of vendors available to you. A wedding planner not only has their preferred vendors, they know their personalities, styles and approaches to weddings. This also helps when it comes to your budget. The wedding planner will recommend only the passionate vendors that bring you the most value that also fits in your budget.

Just remember this is your investment and your wedding. Make sure you hire wedding professionals that remember it, too!

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