Monday, February 1, 2010

Plated vs. Buffet

Buffet vs. Plated Dinner. Personally, I think both are fine, depending on the size and overall feel of your event.  If you are hosting a black tie event, typically a plated sit-down dinner is most appropriate. 

But, if you are having, maybe, a little non-traditional event,  buffets can fit perfectly into that plan. 

Buffet Stations are also a great option.  They tend to have a more "high-end" feel.  A station style buffet is one where the food is spread out in different "stations" around the room. There may be one area that is a carving station, a pasta station, an hor d'ouevre station, dessert station, etc. This is done for several reasons: one it prevents a long line from forming at the buffet table and two it encourages mingling amongst your guests. They can grab a few things at one station, eat them, head back out for more and run into a whole new group of people that time.  Food is the great common denominator.  If you offer some unusual food options, your guests will share in their new culinary experiences.  You can also work the stations into your overall "theme" of your event.  For example, an East meets West event can have one station be Asian food, another can be American fare, then the third station can be a fusion of both cultures.  This is also a great segue if you are to a dessert buffet instead of the traditional wedding cake.

Whatever you choose, we wish the happiest of events.