Sunday, April 11, 2010


These are FABULOUS!!!

Knit-n-Jules began as a passion for knitting.  Julie began to knit before she could write...learning to use needles before age five. She was fascinated seeing older women at church knitting. She begged them to teach her how to knit, and every week would ask to learn a new stitch. She continued to knit throughout her childhood, finishing her first sweater out of Red Heart acrylic yarn in third grade. In home economics in high school, students were required to learn basic knitting. Since she already knew the subject beyond her years, Julie fought off boredom by helping friends learn to knit. During 10th grade, she injured her knee. Unable to take part in her other hobbies, knitting provided entertainment and a source of comfort to her.   With that passion Julie "Jules" has created quite a business knitting sweaters, tanks, lingerie...and best of all {at least to us} Bridal Wraps.

Julie likes to use local materials or sustain women industries in South Africa when purchasing her yarn and each piece is hand knit. She loves to design and create something wonderful to surround the bride with warmth and love that will be able to be worn over and over again and become a timeless treasure.

{joyful girl photography}

{minnesota bride magazine}

cuff detail

shrug example

Please be sure to check out all of her work on her website:

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