Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding in Newport

To Tent or Not To Tent

Outdoor weddings are always a little tricky. The wedding in Newport was no exception. Hurricane Bill decided to show up this weekend just off the Rhode Island Shores. The surf, humidity, heat and chance of rain were up. The couple decided to tent the ceremony site with hopes they could quickly remove the cover if the weather held. On the day of the wedding, at about noon, the bride (who had been envisioning the outdoor wedding - NOT under a tent) decided to keep the tent up. "Whew!" Even though it didn't rain, the shade was welcome. Through the overcast sky the sun was doing its best to heat things up and the tent cover helped keep the intensity to a minimum. The sides of the tent we kept off so the sense of the ceremony was still the beautiful outdoors with all the gorgeous blooming plants and tall grasses still visible and present.

The whole event was beautiful and the rain held until the end of the night when everyone was under the reception tent breakin' it down on the dance floor.

{photos by Krzystyna Harber - Providence, RI}

Congratulations Julia & Chad!

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